ProLX Productions Ltd is an established event provider in technical services to the events, hospitality, corporate and private markets. Operating from our facility in south Wales we travel across the country to support our clients wherever needed.


We work closely with clients to ensure we piece together a design that suits both the venue but also the vision they have in mind.

Having regular conversations with clients allows us to build up a picture of what they want and to make the process of designing the event much easier


Throughout the planning of any event from start to finish we can iron out any issues that might be in the foreseeable future all because of our investment in systems that can track and identify where our stock is, crew booked and vehicle movements. Our detailed planning will continue right through every step of developing an event to ensure perfect execution.

With our rental management system we can always ensure we have what you need at the click of a button, also keeping you up to date on all aspects of the event.


The building of any event requires a well oiled team that are friendly, reliable, organised and professional. That understand the outcome of each event no matter how big or small and will maintain a professional environment from start to finish.

We also strive to maintain a safe working environment at all times for both the event team but also the public, and ensure all our crew have appropriate qualifications to operate in these environments.


Ensuring the event runs smoothly from start to finish is the integral part of producing any event, and we will do our upmost to keep everything on time and professional throughout. Keeping the guests, organisers and acts / performers happy.

We hand pick some of the best crew with years of experience specialising in all aspects of the events industry.

Our Awesome Clients


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